Real Time and Embedded Systems

Development and testing of safety-critical and mission-critical systems listed below requires expertise and experience which BAeHAL has acquired over the years.


  • Flight Control System
  • Glass Cockpit Display System
  • Advanced Electronics Instrumentation System
  • Flight Warning System
  • Flight Management System
  • Electrical Load Management System
  • Fuel Management System
  • Automatic Flight Control System
  • Solid State Flight Data Recorder
  • Space Application Software
  • Ship Weapon Interlock Safety System
  • Design & Development of FPGA based Real Time Systems   

Full Lifecycle Projects:

  • Display Control Software for Precision Approach Radar
  • Electrical load control & management software for Multi-role military helicopters.
  • Development of Software for Electronic Instrumentation System
  • Smoke Detection Control Unit (SDCU) for Aircraft
  • Fuel Management
  • Automatic Flight Control System for Rotary Wing Aircraft (Civil Version)
  • Development of Open Systems Architecture Mission Computer software for Trainer aircraft
  • Solid-State Flight Data Recorder (SSFDR) for Military aircrafts
  • Brake Control, Hydraulics, Electrical, Engine Monitoring System for fighter Aircraft
  • Mission Computer-Operational Flight Program for  Navigation and Weapons Control.
  • Development of  " Ship Weapon Interlock Safety System "  for series of warships
  • Attitude and Orbit Control System for spacecraft
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