Enterprise Application and System Integration

BAeHAL provides services in diverse Technology areas to cater to Enterprise segments encompassing Aviation, Government and Manufacturing.

Service Offerings

IT Services

  • Application Development

BAeHAL’s application development services assist customers in meeting their business requirements by designing and building custom applications where off-the-shelf products or solutions are not suitable. The services offered span across industries and technologies. Our experience in this space enables us to build tailor made applications for our customers that are fully Scalable, Extensible and Cost-effective thereby supporting the smooth functioning of the business. We have a wide spectrum of capabilities beginning from conducting feasibility studies and building prototypes all the way to developing & deploying the application into production environment.

  • Migration & Re-engineering

Application, Platform and Database Migrations can be complex activities and risky to the enterprise. Through our past experience in executing such engagements, we have evolved a methodical and proven approach to reduce risk and efficiently manage migration programmes. Our capabilities extend to application modernization, re-engineering & conversion of two tier to n tier application. These capabilities enhance flexibility, mitigate associated risks, minimize disruption and lowers costs to the customers. They also benefit customers by addressing issues such as technological advances, high cost of maintenance and technical limitations of legacy systems, and lack of expertise on legacy systems.

  • Testing

Meticulous testing of the software is key in the current rapidly changing business environment.  We have tested a wide range of systems/applications across several industries and technologies to ensure delivery of high quality software ranging from testing application software to testing of complex systems. Our capabilities include defining Test Strategies, Functional Testing, Regression Testing, System Testing and Performance Testing. Our services also extend to managing Test Environments, Configuration Management and Release Management.

  • System Integration

An enterprise may be running several applications, often on several technologies, to cater to the needs of different business lines. This may lead to inefficiencies in terms of duplication of processes or similar data stored in multiple locations. We address integration by using appropriate frameworks and methodologies. This results in unrestricted sharing of data and business processes among any connected application or data sources in the enterprise. Our experience and expertise in Enterprise Application Integration facilitates streamlining and optimal-functioning of multiple IT systems thereby reducing cost and increasing ROI.

  • Application Maintenance

We provide production support/application maintenance services that facilitate smooth operations of applications in the production environment. These include first and second line support and helpdesk services.

Business Intelligence

 With growing volumes of unprocessed enterprise data and absence of consistent data, there is a need to improve the ability to leverage data effectively and have Business Intelligent systems that facilitate improved decision-making capabilities. Business Intelligence (BI) facilitates data driven decision-making that drive and improve business strategies and operations.

We offer a spectrum of business intelligent solutions to various industry segments that build a platform and leverage enterprise data. They include:

  • Data Integration (Data Extraction and Data Transformation)
  • Data Storage (Data Mart and Warehouse)
  • Data Exploitation (Reporting, Dashboards and Data Mining)

Our capabilities extend to building Active Data Warehouses that combines detailed historical data with current operational data and events. Active Data Warehousing and Analytics evolves from traditional data warehouses and moves towards a more real-time environment for quicker decision-making. 


  • Loyalty Management
  • Corporate Warehousing
  • Online Booking Management
  • Market Research & Promotions
  • Platform (Operating System & Database) Upgrades
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