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BAeHAL Software Ltd.
(A joint venture of BAE Systems and HAL)

Independent Verification & Validation

BAeHAL offers Independent Verification and Validation services for safety and mission critical software for applications in airborne systems, weapons systems and railway signalling systems. Both  “V” & “W” model processes are followed for IV & V activities.

IV & V process includes code evaluation through analysis, review, inspection and conformance to specification, design and coding standards.


Software testing of

  • Full Authorative Digital Engine Controller (FADEC) Trent 900 engine software
  • Electronic Warfare Indicator for TORNADO Aircraft
  • Cockpit -Control Display Unit(CDU)
  • Fuel Management - Fuel Quantity Indicaton System
  • Automatic Train Protection (ATP)


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"Very high level of commitment and flexibility of the project team to meet the deadlines." Marketing Director ,Sagem
"Dedication of team leaders and testers to work hard and to the best of their abilities in order to achieve the end date." Marketing Director ,Data Systems & Solutions, UK
"You are the most honest and transparent organization I have come across in my entire tenure" IBM Executive
"Periodic review by PM and follow up by commercial and technical group & quick response from BAeHAL team" RWRDC, HAL, Bangalore